Nikkei Value Research and Nikkei Telecom have mentioned SHU TO / in their articles "Industrial Design/Competitive Landscape".


Austrian fashion brand "ALFATAURI" landed in Kansai for the first time. SHU TO / was in charge of the design and construction of the pop-up store at Hankyu Men's Osaka. The photo shows the pop-up store at Isetan Shinjuku in 2022.


ON TOKYO SHOWROOM, a sales platform that offers a multidisciplinary marketing approach including a global network connecting Japan and the world, has opened its new showroom. SHU TO / was in charge of the design. The showroom was designed by SHU TO / and utilizes the previous showroom's hanger frames that we created. We designed and produced a new frame-insertable bench and a removable hanger rack base that reflects the floor.


SHU TO / designed the pop-up store and the show window of Isetan Shinjuku Store for the Austrian fashion brand "ALFATAURI". and the rhythmical arrangement of images, like an orchestra, to compose the space.


This is an interior design project for the expansion of the décolleté corner in the S-PAL Sendai store, a landmark of a general cosmetics brand store. The long, vertical section, which can be passed through like an aisle, called for a design that draws people into the interior of the corner, so we used a zigzag continuous expression. This creates a spatial image that draws people into the interior, while at the same time organizing the numerous products. At the same time, each zigzag enhances the products.


Creation Baumann, based in the suburbs of Zurich, Switzerland, is a top-quality interior fabric manufacturer of "Swiss quality" that leads the textile industry with new materials, technologies, functions, and designs. Our achievement "CROSSWARP, OFFICE" was published in the catalog issued by Creation Baumann in 2022. In this project, the thermal barrier curtain "SHADOW" was adopted. Its light-gathering performance and heat-blocking effect created an office space that blends in with the landscape.


SHU TO / Tokyo Studio was remodeled, including maintenance. Experimental reuse" was attempted by converting the existing production bench into a bookshelf and the legs used for chairs into a table. The layout was also adjusted to combine office and showroom functions. We look forward to welcoming you.


Los Angeles-based fashion and culture magazine Flynt Magazine published an article on SHU TO / in an interview with Julia Smith about the theme of the issue, 'IN THE GARDEN'. Julia Smith conducted the interview. The piece is about 'SOCIAL DISTANCEING' and features two pieces of furniture. In the interview, we talked about the Japanese unique way of thinking about the garden from the inside, using 'borrowed scenery' as an example of the Corona disaster, which makes it difficult to leave the house.