Exprore “Spatial self expression”

SHU TO / is a creative studio established by Japanese designer Yuki Iwatake in 2012, based in Tokyo and Kyoto. We started as an interior design office, working on a variety of projects including stores, showrooms, offices, restaurants, residences, events, show windows, furniture, and products. The article about our works was published in FLAUNT MAGAZINE, a fashion and culture magazine based in Los Angeles (2021). From 2024, SHU TO / became a newly creative studio which explores "Spatial self-expression". This unique hunger for “self-expression” is strongly influenced by fashion culture. We create pieces of art by fusing multiple elements from interior design, fashion, art, digital, sometimes nature, chemistry, and various traditional culture, while reconstructing beautiful leftover materials from our daily design activities. Through the experimental destruction and harmony of these elements, we create a spatial accent with a intense presence enough to determine the atmosphere. Especially recent years, opportunities we share our space through a screen are skyrocketing. We expect this concept will be a new style, culture to express ourselves.

SHU TO / started a project “Hungry Scissors" which explores "Spatial self-expression" .
Its first works ‘24 1 25 were launched in January 2024. We attempted to create them at a live style in order to reflect our sensibility into it at the time.