One day, I was driven by an urge to make like fashion space wear which expresses our individuality even through the screen of our laptop, as if people expressed themselves by wearing fashion. I decided to attempt making spatial accents for self-expression by fusing multiple elements including fashion, architecture, digital, nature, traditional culture, while reconstructing leftover materials from my daily design activities. I name those works the date of completion like a diary to record my ideas to explore spatial self-expression.


SHU TO / started a project “Hungry Scissors" which explores "Spatial self-expression".
Its first works ‘24 1 25 were launched in January 2024. We attempted to create them at a live style in order to reflect our sensibility into it at the time.

Why don’t we create “Spatial yourself-expression” with your leftover material?

1 You provide your beautiful leftover materials.
2 We create Spatial self-expression with it for your space, or to launch onto the market.
3 We split the profits of the works.

Tadamasa Iguchi(IN FOCUS)
Direction&Cinematography: Yoshinori Kataoka(IN FOCUS)
Edit: Haruna Kitagawa(IN FOCUS)
Production Management: Akiho Sato(IN FOCUS)